Raw Meat

Raw Meat (1972)

Definitely overrated. Donald Pleasance is perhaps a bit too eccentric in this role, but it proves to be one of the only saving graces for this film. I really wanted to like it, I did. It’s a cult classic in certain circles and had a really good storyline going for it – although deranged cannibals who apparently turned into guttural beasts in a span of a few decades is kind of questionable. But then so is the fact that English society of the time apparently just accepted the fact that, yes, these trapped mine workers probably turned into cannibals…oh well. The direction and pacing are just awful, though. The movie wanders about in the dark taking too long to move from scare to scare or even from one plot point to the next. The scenes that are supposed to be suspenseful just drag on forever. The scenes that are supposed to allow the audience to “connect” with the characters are downright painful.

Stars: 2/5


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