The Dark

The Dark (2005)

Mom and Sarah head to Wales to reconnect with dad after the family falls apart.  The tension between Adele and James is put on the back burner, though, with the death of their daughter.  James finally comes to grips with the loss just as Adele becomes more and more convinced that their daughter is alive.  The appearance of another mysterious girl sets the stage for a harrowing delve into the supernatural for Adele, fighting not only her estranged husband, but Death itself.

The movie is moody and well executed.  It starts out somewhat formulaic, but there enough twists and turns in it to really keep your attention.  The double twist at the end is a nice payoff.  Overall, a solidly creepy film.  There aren’t any real scares, but the mood is as inescapable as the dark.  Plus, well, it has Maria Bello.

Stars: 3/5


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