Soft for Digging

Soft for Digging (2001)

The setup is simple enough: an old man, out looking for his runaway cat, comes across a murder.  Haunted by what he saw and isolated when no one is able to find any trace of the crime, he is left to himself.  Eventually, his visions lead him to unravel the mystery and all is not as it appeared.  This isn’t a bad film if you go in expecting a cheap, indie flick.  The dialogue is basically non-existent and, based on most of the acting, that’s probably for the best.  That borderline silence does a good job, though, of building a sense of isolation.  It gets a bit hard to follow at times and they used that annoying “sped up headbobbing” that filmmakers have decided makes ghosts scary but the movie holds onto you until the end.  That ending is a bit forced, but the twist makes it worthwhile.  Soft for Digging has its flaws, but it’s an interesting enough independent effort.  I’ve seen plenty of films do a lot worse with a lot more resources at their disposal.

Stars: 3/5


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