Legion (2010)

It’s the apocalypse and this time God has chosen his angels as the instruments of mankind’s destruction.  One angel, though, hasn’t lost his faith in humanity and is here to usher in a new messiah.  First, though, he has to keep the world alive long enough for the messiah to be born.  Make sense?  The logic of the film is badly flawed…or I’m dumb.  But you get to see a band of people thrown together Rio Bravo-style fighting for their lives in the badlands against an army of angel-possessed cannon-fodder.  Then you get to see angels kicking ass for the Lord.

The movie works as a mindless action flick, but they screwed it up by trying to make it more without a clear idea of what that “more” was.  There are plenty of “redemption” cliches, lots of cheesy dialog and the ending still falls flat because it tries so hard to be important (and I still don’t understand that ending) but there was enough action along the way to make it a worthwhile way to pass an hour and forty minutes.

Stars: 3/5


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