Caligula (1979)

The story of Caligula’s rise to power in decadent Rome as told by renowned historian Bob Guccione.

For the record, this is a good movie.  It’s well done, the acting is top notch (if a bit over-the-top at times) and overall it really does a fine job of bringing to life the decadence of the Roman ruling class.  The problem is finding an audience.  Many are going to be put off by the extravagant orgy scenes, which admittedly are awkward at times and seem shoehorned into the film.  The people who seek this film out for those infamous orgy scenes, though, are going to come away disappointed because there are certainly better venues for people who simply want to see sex on film.

If you like a historical drama with a twist and more prurient edginess than you’re going to find on the History channel, this film is for you.  If you want to see what all of the “orgy talk” is about, I recommend anything from the Vivid library.

Stars: 3/5


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