Buried (2010)

Ryan Reynolds delivers a tour-de-force in this one man show.  For 90 minutes we see Reynolds trapped in a box buried somewhere in the Iraqi desert trying to first secure his rescue and then bargain for his release with the cell phone that marks his only connection to the outside world.

Shot entirely in the box, the use of lighting is impressive, as is the ability to keep the cinematography from getting stale.  The film plays just as raw, gritty and claustrophobic as you’d expect and does an impressive job of drawing the viewer into the unfolding drama.

The one knock I have on this film is the uneven writing.  At times, there seem to be too many sociopolitical points shoehorned into the story.  At other times, the exploration of those issues – most notably in trying to create some sort of empathy with the villain – is clumsy and awkward.  Still, though, those are minor points in the overall story.

This film isn’t going to be for everyone. It’s 90 minutes of a desperate man inside a box.  But if you’re looking for something visceral, that you haven’t seen before, this is definitely worth checking out.

Stars: 4/5


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