Street Fighter

Street Fighter (1994)

Street Fighter may be the most painfully 80’s movie to have come out in the 90’s.  Cheesy, campy and over-the-top silly, it set the stage for video game crossovers to the silver screen before Uwe Boll burned that stage down and made everybody hate the genre.

Jean-Claude Van Damme leads an international band of heroes against dictator Raul Julia, to thwart his dreams of global domination (or, as he sees it, unification).  The plot is riddled with holes, much of the acting is laughable, the effects are shockingly bad and the…errr…science part of the sci-fi weaponry is comical.  So most people will agree that this film is awful.

But, of course, all of that is sort of the point.  It’s an adaptation of a game in which boxers fight mutants and ninjas.  The problem with the film is that the director didn’t seem to get that either.  On some subconscious level, he seemed to know this was ridiculous but he still wanted to straddle the fence and play it too straight at times.  There are times in which I think we really ARE supposed to take this seriously and that’s why the movie flops as much as it does.  If you’re looking for a laugh or some low brow action, it’s worth checking out.  Just be sure to set your expectations accordingly.

Stars: 2.5/5


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