Black Sheep

Black Sheep (2006)

Just so we’re clear, this is a movie about killer sheep.  You HAVE to go into it with that in mind.  If you’re looking for the next great horror masterpiece, look elsewhere.

Genetic experimentation is the villain this time out as a money-hungry sheep rancher seeks to create the next great breed.  When things predictably go wrong, they go very wrong.  Rabid, man-eating sheep are on the loose and those victims who survive their attacks are probably worse off than those who are devoured.  Each movement pushed things a little bit more into the realm of the bizarre, but overall director Jonathan King did a remarkable job of not letting things get TOO out of hand.  Somehow, some way, the film maintains a faint air of dread to it.  Given the film’s premise, that a rare feat indeed.

For fans of tongue-in-cheek horror black comedies like Army of Darkness, this is definitely worth checking out.

Stars: 4/5


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