Kill the Irishman

Kill the Irishman (2011)

The rise and fall of Danny Greene in the Cleveland underworld, “Kill the Irishman” is a largely true-to-life treat for fans of gangster flicks.

Ray Stevenson IS Danny Greene in this film and the newscasts from the period sprinkled throughout the film do a really great job of bringing the story to life.  Well-written, well-acted and well-directed, it’s really easy to get immersed in this film.  The fact that this is a true story really shines through.  Greene isn’t a bloodthirsty monster out to control the criminal underworld, but he isn’t a good and noble man who becomes corrupted by power, either.  He was a man with friends, people he cared about and a good and caring side, but he was a man – complete with all of the warts and imperfections that come with that.

A tour de force with all of the people that we’ve come to expect in these movies (Paul Sorvino, Christopher Walken, etc.), the film is as explosive as the car bombs that littered the landscape of 1970s Cleveland.


Stars: 4.5/5


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