A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy’s Dead

A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy's Dead (1991)

At this point, Freddy really should be dead.  The franchise has been dead for the last 2-3 films.  In Nightmare 6, the children of Springwood are dead, except for one lone survivor.  On some level, that makes an interesting plot.  That, though, is not the plot of this film.  No, Freddy uses that one survivor to extend his reach to new victims.

Then, things get dumb.  The last survivor makes his way to a halfway house for troubled kids who are being treated, in part, through dream therapy.  No, I’m not confusing this with Nightmare on Elm Street 3, they just rehashed it with different, less interesting kids.  Freddy then begins his stand-up comedy extravaganza….I mean the slaughter.  The bad jokes come a mile a minute, as they have officially decided to make this a dark comedy.  Sort of.  They still want you to be scared, though.  Yes, it’s just as confused and bumbling as that description.

Even Freddy’s “death” at the end wasn’t fulfilling as they came up with a plan using (apparently) the one person in the world that could do it – except that it was the same thing they did in the first movie.

Really, that’s all this is: a hollow riff on the better films that came before it because as long as a few more dollars can be squeezed out of the franchise, Freddy will never be dead.


Stars: 1.5/5



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