Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter (2007)

A psychological thriller with the heart of a slasher, “Dead of Winter” keeps you guessing until the very end.

Kevin and Tiffany are two young people in love.  At a New Year’s Eve party, someone slips them a little LSD and then it gets hard to tell fantasy – or nightmare – from reality.  After spotting someone who’s out to get them, the kids abandon their car and head into the woods and down the rabbit hole.  With an unknown stalker hounding them, they flee deep into the cold woods and further apart from each other, while the police try to piece together their jumbled calls for help.

This is a story that is good enough to keep you watching to find out what’s goping to happen even after you’re pretty sure you’ve figured it out.  Some of the acting is weak, and the “final” twist was somewhat disappointing, but overall this is a pretty captivating film.  There’s enough horror, suspense and even drama to appeal to a lot of people without the gore to turn off a lot of non-horror fans.

Stars: 3.5/5



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