Mountain of the Cannibal God

Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978)

Maybe I’m jaded by “Cannibal Holocaust”, but this movie was just dull.  To be fair, it doesn’t try to be “Cannibal Holocaust”, but any 70’s Italian cannibal film is going to be compared to it.

Ursula Andress and her brother head into the jungle looking for her lost husband, with the help of Stacy Keach.  There, they’re set upon by the usual array of poisonous spiders, alligators and snakes before coming across the legendary cannibals of Ra Ra Me (the Mountain of the Cannibal God).  Undeterred, they push on and their party are picked off one by one.

The film gained its notoriety from the scenes after the remaining survivors are captured.  It’s hard to find fault with Andress being covered in oil by jungle girls while a crazy, animalistic (in more ways than one) cannibal orgy is going on.  But that’s ten minutes toward the end of the movie.  The rest wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t great either.  The story was okay, but under-utilized.  The acting was passable.  The effects were good for the most part.  But it’s all been done before and better.


Stars: 2.5/5



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