Masters of Horror: Right To Die

Masters of Horror: Right To Die (2007)

Ripped from the headlines, “Right To Die” is a twist on the traditional vengeful ghost story that gets bogged down in trying to be relevant and suddenly shifts gears midway through through in a clumsy attempt at a twist.

When a husband and his wife are involved in a horrific accident one night, he walks away unharmed while she is horribly burned.  Hanging onto life by a thread, her husband and mother immediately begin to battle over whether she should be kept alive.  All indications are that she’s the sort of person who loved life and would never want to continue the life that she’s been doomed to until her spirit – given freedom every time she flatlines in the hospital – begins to seek revenge against those who would benefit from her death.

The “still living” ghost was an interesting twist.  The acting is good enough and the effects are really good.  It’s the story that drags this down.  The character motivations are single-faceted and shallow.  The build-up to the finale (which, itself, is creepy and well done) is almost comical.  The far bigger issue, though, is that halfway through the film the writer or director apparently decided that the husband was too sympathetic and plays a bit of a rotten trick in changing history.  An unexpected twist is one thing, but to go back and change things that we already saw happen on camera is just lazy story-telling.

A creepy watch that definitely has some strong moments, this could have been so much better.


Stars: 3/5


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