Mystery Science Theater 3000: Eegah!

“Eegah” is a bad movie.  You should know that going in, since this is MST3K, but even by those standards, it’s a bad movie.

Richard Kiel plays Eegah, a caveman who has been living in the California desert, unbeknownst to anyone until he happens across the path of Marilyn Manning late one night.  For reasons that are never adequately explained, her father sets off in search of the giant and – when he fails to return – she and her boyfriend (Arch Hall, Jr.) set off after him.

The movie actually does a good job of portraying Eegah as more than a savage, but that’s about the only thing it got right.  The dialog is corny even by 60s standards.  The opening credits sort of set your expectations – they’re probably the cheapest and most amateurish credits I’ve ever seen.  The acting is bad and as for “chemistry”, some of the father-daughter moments were downright uncomfortable.  Kiel is similarly unremarkable.  They slap a bearskin and fake beard on him and call him a caveman.

The good news, though, is that all of that gives Mike and the gang plenty of material to work with.  There weren’t really any standout moments in this one, but they did manage to make an otherwise painful movie entertaining.


Stars: 3/5



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