Masters of Horror: We All Scream for Ice Cream

Masters of Horror: We All Scream for Ice Cream (2007)

A movie about a zombie clown that returns from the grave to sell voodoo ice cream that melts people just CAN’T be good, can it?  This installment of the Masters of Horror series shows that, believe it or not, it can!

Buster the Clown (William Forsythe) was the local ice cream truck man until a childhood prank went horribly wrong.  A generation later, he has returned to exact revenge, using the children of his enemies to do his dirty work.  The film is cut and dried and, admittedly, seemed forced at times.  This is one episode of MOH that actually could have been fleshed out into a full-length film.  The characters were surprisingly well done, given their short-lived status and director Tom Holland does a superb job of pacing the film and making something so seemingly ludicrous downright suspenseful.  The gallows humor is understated and works really well, as much as you want this to be a horror-comedy, it’s not.  The effects are well done, the music, lighting, camera work and even the sets are all shockingly well done for a short film.

My only knocks on the film are that, again, it seemed rushed and forced at times.  The ending was also very disappointing.  It set up nicely, but then veered away from that, trying to make some kind of point, but utterly falling flat and missing the mark – becoming the one comical moment in the film.  Change the final showdown in this film and it becomes a “must see”.  As it stands, though, this is still a nifty little flick that, approached with an open mind, will surprise you with genuine horror.


Stars: 4.5/5



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