Boogeyman 2

Boogeyman 2 (2007)

“Boogeyman 2” is a cheap cardboard cutout of “Boogeyman” – which itself wasn’t something to aspire to.  The problem isn’t so much that it’s yet another sequel that doesn’t measure up to the original (few do), but it’s barely a sequel.  The entire plot is different – although there is a clumsy effort to link the two that seemed really forced and is mostly ignored.

“Boogeyman 2” finds Laura checking into the mental institution that helped her brother work past his debilitating fear of the boogeyman following the brutal murder of their parents, which they witnessed as children.  Soon thereafter, a killer is stalking the halls, murdering all of the various patients through their worst fears.

Tobin Bell is good as Dr. Allen – if coldly detached and Renee O’Connor is good as Dr. Ryan – beyond that, the acting ranges from bad to worse.  The killings would seem to be the most interesting part of this film, but for each interesting and well-devised one, there’s one that’s just dumb or contrived.  The mythology of the first film is completely obliterated here, retroactively cheapening that film as well – turning an interesting psychological monster movie about children’s inner demons into a cheap slasher flick.

Stars: 2.5/5


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