Boogeyman 3

Boogeyman 3 (2008)

The boogeyman meets Freddy Kreuger in the spirit of “Highlander 3” as the Boogeyman series takes another bizarre and illogical u-turn.

When Sarah witnesses the supposed suicide of her friend, the nightmares return and the boogeyman is shoehorned implausibly into another movie.  The Six Degrees of the boogeyman series continues as the boogeyman implausibly continues to followm one convoluted thread of victims.  The story of “Boogeyman 2” is forced into this sequel through the daughter of Tobin Bell’s character in the second movie.  *Spoiler alert* But while there was no boogeyman in the second movie, there suddenly is again and it’s hot on the trail of young Audrey. *End Spoiler*

The movie itself is an unremarkable monster flick as the boogeyman terrorizes young Sarah, killing off her friends as she attempts to psychoanalyze both herself and the monster as the film tries to be a smart look at the power of fear.  The film is not nearly as smart as it think it is, though, trampling all over its own internal logic throughout the story.  The boogeyman’s power wanes as fades as the writer sees fit.  The film does get a nod for an interesting, if foreseeable ending – even though it, too, flies in the faces of its own logic.

“Boogeyman 3” continues to trample the Boogeyman mythology, treating it with all the respect og “Highlander 2”.  At least in the Highlander series, the third movie basically allowed us to ignore the second – basically retconning the series back to where it was in the first place.  “Boogeyman 3” simpy tells us to screw off because the boogeyman keeps evolving and changing, so the movie makers can do whatever the hell they want with it.  sadly, this movie goes back to the roots of the first, which also showed promise.  Once again, though, we’re left wanting more.


Stars: 2.5/5



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