Memory (2007)

Dr. Taylor Briggs (Billy Zane) is exposed to an unknown drug that has given him memories that are not his own.  As he attempts to make sense of it all, the past comes into focus all too clearly: the terrifying memories aren’t his, they were passed on to him and now he must experience them while trying to sort out his own mysterious past as well as a past that took place before he was born.

Zane is believable in his role and Dennis Hopper and Ann-Margret provide great support.  Tricia Helfer is good in her role, but the ease with which her character is drawn in to Zane’s nightmare felt too easy and is one of the only knocks I had on the film until it is explained away with a somewhat sappy ending, that becomes a whole lot less saccharine once one realizes the full implications of it.  The direction and pacing are great as Zane slips back and forth between the real world and the waking nightmare of a past that is not his own – watching the film, you feel just as off balance as he does, getting drawn into his nightmares just as he is drawn into someone else’s.

A definite must see for fans of psychological horror and suspense, “Memory” is an interesting story that gets turned on its head.  This is a film that you’ll figure out about 30 minutes in.  The last piece of the puzzle will fall into place shortly thereafter.  Then you’ll find out that you’re wrong.


Stars: 4.5/5


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