Pig Hunt

Pig Hunt (2008)

Every so often, a movie comes along that throws you for a loop.  Early on, it appeared as though Les Claypool’s score was going to be the highlight of “Pig Hunt”, as “boy’s night out” meets giant killer boar meets crazed hippies meets “Deliverance” with a “Road Warrior”-style chase scene thrown in.  Somehow, they managed to pull all of these pieces together and make them work though.

The story begins as an absolute cliche.  The guys are going out for a weekend of hunting and our hero has decided to screw it all up by bringing his girlfriend along.  The obligatory jokes about him being whipped ensue and we meet all of the usual cardboard cutout characters: the guy with the girl, the guy that just lost his girl, the fat guy that can’t get a girl and that “extra” dude who you know is going to die fast.  After that comes the obligatory stop at the local gas station, where we find out about “Ripper” – a legendary 3000 boar that stalks the woods – and meet a group of hippies who live in a nearby commune.  Finally, we wake up the next morning and meet the local rednecks (who happen to “go way back” with our hero despite us never have any sort of inkling that they can stand each other).  Now that we’ve set up all of our cliches, our merry band heads off into the woods and completely flips it all on its ear.

The hunting trip starts off innocently enough: lots of lame jokes about bringing a girl and about city folk and rednecks who can’t read.  The actual hunt, predictably, is a disaster.  Add in the chance discovery of a marijuana field and things go from bad to worse.  In-fighting, death and mayhem ensue as our heroes face off against enraged hillbillies with the threat of a giant killer pig looming over their heads.  No one is safe and no one can be trusted as they scramble to get out of the woods alive, learning with each step that they’re in more danger than they realized.

Overall, this movie was surprisingly good.  It takes a bit to find its footing – there’s a lot going on and it takes awhile to get all of the wheels turning in the same direction.  The acting is what you’d expect from an indie film: it ranges from decent to awful.  The dialog does the same.  The monster itself actually looks decent for a cheap film, but it has very little screen time and probably looks good because of that and being properly lit and framed so you never really get a great look at it.  In the end, though, this is a movie that really will turn out better than  you think early on if you can stick with it.


Stars: 3.5/5



2 thoughts on “Pig Hunt

    • As I said, the movie is kind of messed up, but it’s fun. Scary? Not really…but definitely fun and not nearly the “black comedy” that I thought it was going to turn into at the beginning.

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