Behind the Wall

Behind the Wall (2008)

I love a good ghost story.  Sadly, there just aren’t very many of them out there.  A good ghost story relies on a good story because, well, there’s only so much that you can do with a ghost.  “Behind the Wall” is not that.

Twenty years after her father was convicted for the brutal slaying of her mother, Katelyn (Lindy Booth) is lured back home to add her voice to those who don’t want the old lighthouse where she grew up to be renovated as a tourist spot.  More content to distance herself from the memories, she is nonetheless drawn back in as people start disappearing around the old landmark.  Did something drive her father to the heinous act?  Or was something even more sinister at work?

I’ll avoid spoiling the story, but it’s pretty spoiled already.  The story itself is weak, the resolution makes no kind of sense and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of internal logic to the movie.  Lindy Booth – who I’ll watch in just about anything – is wasted here as most of the other performances are phoned in.


Stars: 1.5/5



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