Bundy: A Legacy of Evil

Bundy (2008)

Through the mid-1970s, Ted Bundy crisscrossed the country, terrorizing women in a half-dozen states.  This is his story…and not much else.

It starts off looking as though it’s going to be a character study of one of the most truly remorselessly evil sociopaths in American criminal history.  It abruptly changes course and harkens back to his twisted upbringing, making it seem as though the writer wanted to drive home the idea that Bundy was created, not born, and maybe even try to drum up some sympathy for a child who – by most accounts – never had a chance.  But even that is quickly cast aside to turn Bundy into a jilted lover, then a narcissist, then a killer and on and on.  The movie moves from one scene to the next with little to string it together, oftentimes playing as more of a montage than a story.  Corin Nemec was a surprising choice to play Bundy, but does well for the most part – his Parker Lewis smile perfectly capturing Bundy’s charming demeanor.  Kane Hodder was a similarly surprising choice as the warden who is with Bundy at the end and his entire role was a disaster – sometimes he’s the man keeping the monster at bay, at others he’s the last sympathetic ear for Bundy.  Most of the casting was shaky as his victims and girlfriends all blend together.  It’s one thing to say that he had a type and the women in his life had similar characteristics, it’s another to have the viewer thinking he killed the same girl three different times and then met her later in the film.

I suppose you’d classify this movie as a docu-drama?  Docu-horror?  Dull?  It glosses over too much, takes too many liberties and isn’t analytical enough to be considered a documentary.  On the other hand, it’s for too sterile and detached to be called much else.  It’s Ted Bundy as seen through the eyes of someone writing a term paper on him – a term paper that’s due tomorrow.


Stars: 2/5


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