Bigfoot Terror: The Capture of Bigfoot, Shriek of the Mutilated, Search for the Beast, Legend of Bigfoot

Bigfoot Terror

Bigfoot Terror

It’s all in the translation.  “Bigfoot Terror” promises four Sasquatch tales of terror.  Instead, it delivers four terrible Sasquatch tales.

The compilation gets off to a bad start with “The Capture of Bigfoot”, the tale of a corrupt mine owner and some local trappers who set out to capture Bigfoot to boost tourism (seriously).  Meanwhile, our hero teams up with an old drunk and an indian medicine man to save Bigfoot because he’s a guardian of nature or something making it one of the most cliched movies ever.  Quality-wise, it’s about as good as a 1970s tv movie…and it’s the best that this disc has to offer.

“Shriek of the Mutilated” tries to be just as cliched, with an anthropology professor taking his students into the wilderness to search for Sasquatch.  He and his star student are both obsessed and (of course) were part of a similar expedition years earlier, which ended in disaster.  This one gets some credit for going in a different direction with a twist at the end, but the movie is so bad from a movie-making standpoint that it’s hard to get that far. Awful dialog and worse acting kills any sort of empathy for the characters, though, and bad cinematography, editing and continuity kill any suspension of disbelief.

“Search for the Beast” has officially made its way onto my list of worst movies ever made.  There is NOTHING redeeming about it.  A scientist of some sort is hired to go find Bigfoot by a man whose son fell victim to the beast.  Although the man agrees that the beast is to be filmed and not captured or injured to secure our hero’s aid, he send along a gang of armed troops which the doctor appears not to mind.  An hour and a half of painful acting, ridiculous dialog, toxic waste, ridiculously gratuitous sex and absolutely hysterical monster effects later, our hero and the girl trudge out of the woods leaving behind dead bad guys and disbelieving viewers.

“Legend of Bigfoot” brings our compilation to a merciful end…eventually.  Although it’s well edited and put together, it may be the most boring film that isn’t about the importance of good dental hygiene.  One man’s tale of hunting for Bigfoot throughout the western wilderness, it’s essentially a nature special full of stock footage of ducks, geese and moose with the occasional shadowy shot of a Bigfoot creature walking by.  Worse yet, the entire film is narrated.  No dialog, no action, just an hour and a half of a guy talking while you watch animals frolic.

This is five hours of your life that you’ll never get back.  Probably longer, really, because the final story WILL bore you to sleep (it took me four tries to get through it).  It will certainly FEEL longer.

Stars: 0.5/5
As an added bonus, here are two shots from “Search for the Beast”.  I include these because you HAVE to see these awesome creature effects, but I certainly wouldn’t subject anyone to actually watching the film.  So here are “The Beast” and the remains of a baby beast.

Remains discovered by Doctor Whatshisname

Remains discovered by Doctor Whatshisname

The Beast

The Beast


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