Gag (2007)

Gag (2007)

A burglary goes terribly wrong for two amateur crooks who stumble into something much bigger while attempting to rob a house.  Finding a beaten, bound and gagged man in one of the rooms, they free him and set the stage for the worst night of their lives.

The rest of the movie makes as much sense as that set up.  Actually, two crooks trying to play hero makes about the most sense of anything in this movie.  The premise?  First, who has a SAFE in their house?  Much less THIS house, which looks to be more of a crackhouse than anything else.

The film fails on almost every level.  We don’t care about the victims, the twist makes no sense and renders a chunk of the previous dialog moot, the writing is bad to begin with and becomes inconsistent when the writer tries to get clever, the set design is atrocious – so it fails as a movie.  The kills aren’t at all graphic and aren’t particularly inventive and the acting is crappy, so we don’t believe any of the deaths – so it fails as torture porn.  The body count is too small for a slasher, so it fails there.  There IS some short-lived suspense (somewhat), but it’s quickly undone by a ridiculous finale.  The whole thing is just a failure.

Kudos for the somewhat novel approach of having burglars stumble into this mess, but it’s done much better in “The Collector” and the setup here falls apart quickly because of the delivery.  Props, as well,  for at least trying to make a different sort of film instead of the standard torture porn fare, but ultimately the writer’s efforts at being slick are in vain.


Stars: 2/5



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