Unconscious (2006)

Unconscious (2006)

A badly burned and scarred man lies dying in a hospital bed and nobody knows who he is.  That doesn’t stop those who think he MIGHT be the man they think he is from claiming him as their own, unloading their burdens and sharing their souls with someone who may very well be a complete stranger.

The main character is a nameless, faceless lump who never speaks and whose name we don’t even know for sure.  The entire film centers around the police trying to find out who this man is and the people who think he is their loved one interacting with him (and in some cases, each other) – each convinced that he is who they think he is.  Along the way, the characters reveal themselves through a series of monologues (is it a dialogue even if the other person can’t respond?), shaping several different stories all at once.
The resolution comes as a bit of a surprise, putting a neat little bow on (almost) everything without ever giving too much away.

The film plays as a bit of a black comedy and at times, it falls flat in that regard.  It was a nice idea in that it lightens the mood of a story that could easily get bogged down otherwise, but not all of it works.  The writing is uneven at times as well – there are some really strong moments and some that seemed cobbled together.  The acting is mediocre at best, but certainly forgivable in a low-budget film.

“Unconscious” is an interesting film, which sadly is an all too uncommon trait these days.  It slows down a bit too much at times, but overall the novel approach to storytelling sees it through.

Stars: 3.5/5


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