Desperate Souls

Desperate Souls (2005)

Desperate Souls (2005)

Years after a young group of orphans sacrifice themselves in a Druidic ceremony, their spirits return wreaking vengeance upon another group of teens who have stumbled onto the site.  The one man left from the original group of orphans bands together with his friends and one of the spirits’ newest victims to stop them in their quest to recover the power of the Druid’s ancient book.

This is a bad movie.  The plot seems to revolve around a group of orphans who escape from their orphanage to perform some ancient Druidic rite – killing themselves to unleash their spirits.  Spirits who, as best I could tell, would then possess anybody who stepped into the circle where they died and then try to reclaim the Druid’s book – which they already had.  One of their number, though, had to stay behind and kill the others – or maybe he changed his mind and didn’t kill himself, that wasn’t clear either.  Maybe that’s why they wanted the book back.  Who knows?  None of the rest of the movie made much sense, so it’s probably not worth thinking about.  Much like the gatekeeper spirit that shows up at the end of the film for no clear reason.

Our hero (sort of), Nick, is the lone holdover from that first group and sets about making things right…years later, also for no good reason.  Upon dreaming that someone has entered the circle, he returns to the site to fight off the possessed with his trusty shovel and save the last survivor from our doomed group of partying teens.  They meet up with Nick’s friends and try to stop the dead orphans.  Spoiler: They find a Druidic rite of binding that instantly paralyzes the possessed in hilarious fashion and attempt to return them to the circle where they can be destroyed but are done in by their combined inability to count and Nick’s inability to remember how many of his friends he killed the first time.

The acting throughout is brutal, as is the dialog.  Nick (Ryan Barrett) gets a passing mark only because he really seemed to buy into the campiness of it all and went full-on Shatner with his crazed, overboard delivery.  The story actually has a couple of decent elements to it, but they’re cobbled together with a bunch of other gibberish.  The effects are shockingly bad, even for a no-budget film.  The ancient Druidic tome being totally unweathered and written in English was also a nice touch.  You know what WAS really good?  The titles.  Seriously, the opening credits obviously used up all of the money that they raised giving blood or selling cookies or however they funded this thing.  I guess they realized the rest was beyond saving.


Stars: 1.5/5


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