Alien Dead

Alien Dead (1980)

Alien Dead (1980)

First, all of the gators disappeared from the swamp.  Now, the people are disappearing too!  Is it connected to that houseboat that was destroyed by a meteorite a while back?  It’s up to a reporter, his (sort of) girlfriend and the local game warden to find out!

That brief summary is far more interesting than this movie.   It’s also a whole lot better.  The local reporter tromps out into the swamp to investigate some disappearances since the local sheriff is too busy playing cards with his pals to be bothered.  He stumbles upon a girl who threatens to have her pappy shoot him, them invites him to dinner with pappy and follows him around for the rest of the movie.  The local game warden joins in for no obvious reason.  Behind it all, are zombies – reanimated, bloodthirsty mutants created when a meteorite struck a houseboat in the swamp.  Now, they’ve wiped out the local wildlife and are spreading into the town.

The acting is atrocious.  But it’s hard to blame the “actors” for their inability to deliver the ridiculous lines they’re asked to read.  The classic horror movie trope of people not having peripheral vision and standing in shock as the monsters approach are carried to dizzying heights, as most of the zombies’ victims either trip over them or wait to be devoured.  The zombies themselves are ridiculous, as it appears extras were asked to just show up in their own zombie makeup, since no two look alike.  Normally, I’d worry about spoiling the ending, but this movie doesn’t have one.  Basically, they wrapped up Act Four and then decided to all go home.

This is bad.  As cheap, B-movie zombie flicks go, this is still bad.  It’s not even really entertaining enough to classify as a great “bad movie”, it’s just bad.

Stars: 1.5/5


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