The Silent House (La Casa Muda)

The Silent House (La Casa Muda)(2010)

The Silent House (La Casa Muda)(2010)

This movie follows Laura, who sets out with her father to fix up an old family cabin to sell it.  Once there, strange noises and the disappearance of her father when he investigates plunge Laura into darkness and despair as she tries to unravel what’s happening to her.

The story starts out simply enough but gradually becomes more twisted as it progresses.  When we’re ultimately slapped in the face with Laura’s tale, it’s chilling.  The conclusion, both poignant and nihilistic.

Purportedly filmed as one long take, this film does a great job of drawing you in with that style.  While the claims that it was done so are somewhat specious, that really just makes the editing, direction and pacing that much better.  One knock is that this film is dark.  Due to the unconventional filming style, that’s to be expected somewhat but at times it becomes a real distraction.

Everyone is going to compare this film to the American remake.  Elizabeth Olsen does a much better job of carrying the remake.  Florencia Colucci does a fine job here as well, but you don’t feel her raw desperation as much.  This film takes more of a guerilla style to both the story and the filming.  Some works better, some doesn’t.  There’s no mysterious friend that was one of my problems with the remake.  This film looks more raw and has a “Blair Witch” feel to it but that makes some scenes pretty muddy and hard to follow.  The conclusion here is far superior, though.

Both films are great thrillers, full of suspense and terror.  Most people will probably like the remake better – it’s easier to watch and just flows better.  This one is a grim “treat” for those looking for something a bit more stark.


Stars: 3.5/5


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