Frankenhood (2009)

Frankenhood (2009)

Two down and out homies enter a basketball tournament which they’ve lost the last three years running.  But when a deranged doctor succeeds in bringing the big man they need back from the dead, their luck may be about to change.

This movie is not as bad as you think.  For a movie centered around Charlie Murphy creating a Frankenstein’s monster that two pot heads use to enter a basketball tournament, the production is surprisingly good – this isn’t the half-assed straight-to-DVD mess you might expect.  There’s also an underlying point beyond the salacious boob shots and guys smoking weed.  “Frankie” (Bob Sapp) does a surprisingly good job at communicating through grunts and moans and Motown and Darius (DeRay Davis and Jasper Redd) are believable as a couple of losers without going over the top in selling their idiocy.

That’s not to say it’s good, either.  The bulk of the dialog seems improvised and the jokes are hit or miss.  The fart and weed jokes get old fast as well and a lot of the supporting characters are single joke caricatures.

Overall, this could have been worse than it is, but it’s not particularly good either.  If you’re going to chill out on the couch, smoke and eat some Funyuns or something, this will pass the time.  Ultimately, though, it’s pretty forgettable.


Stars: 2/5



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