Dead and Deader

Dead and Deader

Dead and Deader (2006)

After a failed mission in Cambodia, a special forces unit comes home in body bags…but not quite dead.

Lt. Bobby Quinn (Dean Cain) wakes up just in time to stop his own autopsy.  He removes a strange scorpion from his arm but finds out that’s not even the weirdest thing happening to him: he’s dead, or should be.  Realizing that he’s half-zombie, he quickly learns that the rest of his team are full-fledged zombies who are soon threatening to spread their disease.  Quinn must maintain his humanity while banding with an Army cook and a tough local bartender to form an unlikely trio that must stop the zombie horde and save the world.

This movie is every bit as cheesy as it sounds.  Cain turns in one of his signature ham-fisted performances.  The rest of the cast is culled from television and Syfy movies with mixed results.  The writers replaced dark humor with inside jokes and the result is a jumbled minefield of easter eggs and bad puns.  The effects are surprisingly bad for a movie that seems to have had at least some money to work with.

Admittedly, though, some bits of it work.  True zombie flick fans have certainly seen worse and for the rabid zombie fans out there, this is worth the 90 minutes it will take from your life.


Stars: 2.5/5



2 thoughts on “Dead and Deader

    • Looked it up on Netflix and realized I did see it on Syfy or something. Ultimately forgettable, but the fact that it wasn’t “House of the Dead” 1 makes it look good by comparison – at least it didn’t have the stupid cutscenes from the game when someone died.

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