Day X

Day X

Day X (2006)

A small group of strangers cross paths in a deserted factory as a mysterious epidmeic turns its victims into crazed cannibals.  One of them, a man transporting a catatonic girl knows the secret of the plague and may even know a way to survive.

The writer took great pains to make this movie NOT a zombie movie…but it’s a zombie movie.  Officially, these people are basically rabid from a biological weapon, but if bullets won’t stop them, they’re zombies.  There are enough twists, though, to keep it from feeling like yet another cheap zombie movie.  The film occasionally cuts to a video diary of the scientist who led the program that brought all this about, giving some background and also taking the focus away from the main story, which works well since the focus there is more on the tension than a shootout with a crazed zombie horde.

The writing is pretty good, with characters that have no real interest in each other and some who even have some depth.  This is more in the vein of “Night of the Living Dead” than most of the generic zombie gore films of late.  The gore is kept to a minimum and the “creature” effects are cheap at best, but the actual storytelling is strong.  The acting is as suspect as you’d expect from an indie film.  There are a couple good performances and a couple awful ones and most fall somewhere in the middle.

All in all, a pretty good effort for a film that clearly had no budget.  This is one of those films that make one wonder what the creative team could do with some resources.


Stars: 4/5



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