Black Rock

Black Rock movie poster

Black Rock (2012)

Three childhood friends embark on a weekend getaway at their old childhood retreat.  Tragedy soon befalls the trio and they must depend on each other to survive a deadly game of cat and mouse in which they are the prey.

Sarah (Kate Bosworth) basically tricks her old friends into reuniting, despite the fact that they’ve hated each other for years.  Things only get more uncomfortable from there.  They meet up with a group of hunters on the island and decide to spend the night drinking around the campfire.  One of the women gets too drunk and I think we all know where this is going.  A brutal confrontation leaves one dead and one with blood on her hands and she and her friends must face off against two armed soldiers in what should be a complete mismatch.  Everything after that just clumsy window dressing.

This movie could have been much better.  There’s a story and some characters buried in there somewhere.  Uneven writing and sloppy direction, though, ruin that potential, though.  The setup is a bit awkward as we’re forced to choose between a spiteful woman who has already alienated her friends and the audience and shown herself to be a pretty sloppy (and annoying) drunk and a possibly unhinged guy who takes things too far, but up to that point seemed like a decent dude who we just learned is a war hero.  We’re ultimately forced to side with these women, but you don’t necessarily feel good about doing it.

From there, the pacing is uneven and the action comes across in staccato bursts of action followed by downtime and discussion of feelings and past wrongs.  The interactions between our heroines are awkward and uncomfortable and the resulting mess basically boils down to two groups of people that we don’t care much about trying to see who can do the worse job of killing each other.

Stars: 2/5


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