The Breed

The Breed movie poster

The Breed (2006)

A group of young co-eds fly off to a deserted island vacation only to have a pack of wild dogs descend upon them.

There is more of a plot to the movie and it’s not nearly as dumb as that sounds.  Five people go off to the deserted island home that was left to two brothers by their uncle.  Settling in for a weekend vacation, the group is beset by a pack of crazed dogs that escaped from a now defunct research lab on the island.  What follows is a battle for survival and a surprising battle of wits against dogs that are stronger, faster, smarter and deadlier than nature intended.

Wes Craven crafted this film and it’s choc full of all the standard horror movie cliches.  Our five heroes are the smart guy and his girlfriend, the troublemaker, the joker and the party chick.  The dogs are genetically engineered and escaped from the mysterious secret lab.  There’s drinking and partying and all sorts of sexual tension and unresolved issues between characters.  But somehow it all works.  This isn’t a lame T&A slasher (there’s no real T&A, in fact), the characters do have personalities beyond their archetypes and the dogs are believable – they look like normal guard dogs, they aren’t giant, slavering beasts – they’re just particularly vicious dogs.

The good thing about this film is that there’s enough to appeal to both low-brow slasher fans and people that like actual suspenseful movies.  There’s nothing groundbreaking, but there’s a strong mix of good elements.  It’s tense at times but never really delivers the big scares.


Stars: 3.5/5


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