Swingers (1996)

A struggling comic’s love life provides the srtting for this buddy pic comedy as a group of pals try to break their heartbroken buddy out of his funk.

Jon Favreau is still pining for “the one that got away” after moving out to L.A. to be a comedian.  Vince Vaughn is his smooth-talking pal that wants to get him right back in the saddle, while Ron Livingston provides the voice of reason trying to break him out of his funk at his own pace.  The dynamic between the three and their other friends is the story just as much as Favreau’s woes.  Favreau is great as the “sad sack” who doesn’t know how to get on with his life.  Vaughn is overly hammy at times, but it’s the same character he has portrayed so well in almost every movie he’s done since – he chews through the scenes and lets the rest of the cast piece together the scraps.  At times, it becomes an annoyance, but for the most part, he comes across as likeable – if a bit obnoxious.

This movie is the male equivalent of “Sex and the City” – instead of two hours of shoes and ridiculous outfits, it’s all video games, bar hopping and spending more time “on the prowl” than actually hunting.  The movie loses its way at times, but always seems to find its way back and the ultimate conclusion to our hero’s tale brings everything full circle.

Stars: 3/5



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