G-Men From Hell

G-Men From Hell

G-Men From Hell (2001)

Two federal agents escape from Hell, returning to Earth to do good deeds and earn their way into Heaven in this graphic novel adaptation.

Picture Warren Beatty’s “Dick Tracy” film without the budget or the star power and with more cheese.  That is what you get with this adaptation.  Even William Forsythe has a hard time maintaining his “straight man” demeanor amidst the chaos of a plot that involves a rich widow, robots, cloning, Gary Busey as a deranged homosexual S&M fetishist cop and Robert Goulet as the Devil.  The story is, in a word, a mess.  The acting is all over the map.  Forsythe does what he does best as a sullen straight man, but his partner, Tate Donovan is a bit uneven – arguably because the character doesn’t seem well conceived.  Gary Busey is Gary Busey.  Robert Goulet is really quite good as the Devil, but Vanessa Angel goes way overboard as the vapid millionaire’s wife and becomes a charicature of herself.

The film does some good qualities, though.  The set design and cinematography really drive home the comic book feel.  In that respect, fans of comic adaptations like “Sin City” can find something enjoyable here.

This film, ultimately, is the exact opposite of many bad movies, in that it is poorly conceived but mostly well executed.  My guess is that a fan of the comic will like this adaptation, someone who doesn’t like the comic will hate it and someone who hasn’t read the comic will be just as confused or disinterested as I was.

Stars: 2/5


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