Red Lips: Eat The Living

Red Lips: Eat the Living

Red Lips: Eat The Living (2005)

A young woman wanders into a Manhattan bar and is treated to four ghoulish tales by a creepy woman she meets there.  Her new “friend” was a devilish surprise of her own, as well.

Those two sentences were better than this movie.  Many independent films become signs of what can be done with a limited budget.  This is what can be done with no budget and very little story either.   The four short stories are little more than vignettes, really.  The first is far too short to be interesting and is one step above a sketch.  The second has no real story.  The third is an interesting premise that is left totally unfulfilled.  The final story circles back to the opening credits and is one of the only redeeming things about this movie.  Granted, the actual short film doesn’t match the exposition very well, but if you’re really looking for something to “sink your teeth into”, this is it.

The wraparound is boring and somewhat bizarre: who uses a vampire tale to set up four stories about zombies?  The answer, of course, is people who only have so much creative material to work with and very little focus on presenting something cohesive.

Debbie Rochon must have consumed the entire budget for this film, but she couldn’t save it.  The rest of the acting performances range from mediocre to awful.  The sound quality renders bits of the first two stories moot.  In the end, we’re left with a somewhat interesting opening which is completely dropped until the final tale.  Then that is further ruined by a wraparound tale seems to drag on as endlessly as the vampire protagonist’s life.
Stars: 1/5



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