Skinwalkers DVD cover

Skinwalkers (2006)

There’s a war among the shapeshifters – the werewolves – between those who want their “curse” to end and those who see it as a gift and view themselves as the superior species.  Young Timothy is about to be thrust into the middle of that war – a war he and his mother knew nothing about, but those around him have been waging for his entire life.

The movie presents an interesting premise, tapping into the native American legend of the shapeshifters and presenting them as cursed humans, only some of whom have given into their primitive natures.  Timothy can end the curse if he’s able to survive to his 13th birthday, which is now only four days away.  But there’s another, savage, group of werewolves looking for him – and they’ll stop at nothing to prevent him from seeing his next birthday.  The tension builds as the bad guys close in and ultimately uncover his location.  Unbeknownst to him and his mother, though, everybody around them has sworn to protect him at any cost.  This leads to a great “reveal”, as the werewolves ride into town and find themselves set upon by everyone from grandma to the mailman.

Timothy and a small group or protectors are forced to flee town and spend the next few days on the run – desperately trying to stay alive until midnight on his birthday so the curse can be lifted.  The tension is constant, but ebbs and flows well.  The confrontations along the way and brief and violent and the film does a great job of taking the viewer along for the ride.

Strong acting, an interesting plot and well-paced action make this a solid white knuckle offering.  The “good” werewolf angle gets a bit bogged down at times, as they strap themselves in for the night, and another twist regarding young Timothy seems forced, but it’s easy enough to overlook the movies flaws and just enjoy the adrenaline ride.

Stars: 3.5/5


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