Croc movie

Croc (2007)

A killer crocodile is on the loose and that’s bad for everybody’s business.  And health, it’s bad for everybody’s health, too.

“Jaws 3” meets “Lake Placid” in this rather pedestrian b-movie.  Somewhere, out there, is a movie role that Michael Madsen turned down, but this isn’t it as he plays a croc hunter who teams up with an animal rights bureaucrat and a second-rate zoo owner to track down the crocodile that has been terrorizing the waters.

The glaring problem with this movie is that the writer confuses having a lot of tertiary storylines involved with developing a complex story.  There’s too much going on with an evil land developer and the Department of Animal Welfare and a guy who can’t pay his bills and a crocodile hunter out for revenge.  This is a movie about a crocodile eating people, leave it at that.

The acting ranges from fine to atrocious (see evil land developer sidekick) and a lot of the crocodile footage looks to be stock footage from the Nature Channel.  The actual “hunt” for the croc doesn’t take up nearly enough of the story’s runtime and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, either.

In total, this is a pretty mediocre effort all around.  If you’ve never seen a killer croc movie, this isn’t terrible.  But if you’ve seen any at all, you’ve most likely seen better.

Stars: 2/5


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