Inbred (2012)

Inbred (2012)

Four juvenile delinquents on a weekend work detail with their case workers stumble into a nightmarish backwoods village.

This is “Deliverance” meets “Straw Dogs” gone horribly wrong as an encounter with the locals goes from bad to worse.  After ignoring every warning sign ever upon their arrival at the isolated community, two of the young troublemakers have a run-in with a group of locals.  Things escalate quickly and soon the body count follows suit as the city folk must band together against the mirthfully twisted locals.

“Inbred” doesn’t cover a lot of new ground.  What it does do well it cast it in a different light with a sickly twisted carnival sideshow approach to the bloodletting.  Non-gorehounds will hate this film, but for fans of the genre this quickly becomes a surrealistic romp.  The ultra-violence is over the top, the kills are all unique in their own way and the villains are delightfully, well, villainous.  The knocks on this film such as lousy dialog (even setting aside the fact that much of it is unintelligible to non-Brits), hit and miss acting and gaping holes in the story aren’t the sorts of things that will bother anybody who would like a film like this anyhow.

Clearly, this isn’t everybody’s cup o’ tea.  Although there are no prolonged “torture porn” sequences, the blood and guts fly freely and some of the kills – while inventive – are enough to make you question what they were thinking in writing and filming it as well as what you’re doing watching it.  There’s also a somewhat tiring barrage of twisted homo-eroticism that pervades and becomes a bit beleaguered.  But, for 90 minutes of mindless mayhem and murder, you could certainly do a lot worse.

Stars: 3.5/5


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