Razortooth (2006)

A giant eel is terrorizing a small town and the group of college students who, with their professor, have come to the swamp to find the creature.

A couple of escaped convicts provide a mostly useless background story in this tale of a genetically altered eel devouring the residents of a small town.  Initially, the deaths are blamed on the fugitives (because escaped fugitives routinely devour campers apparently), leading to the local gun nut rounding up a posse to go hunt them down and save his son, who is on a canoe trip.  The local sheriff and dog catcher join in the fun and bring a college professor and his interns with them on the ridiculous expedition.

When your monster is poorly rendered with cheap CGI, you have two options: use it sparingly in flash cuts and in the dark or embrace it.  Here, we see the beast in all its awfulness, lovingly created by the nightmares of somebody’s five-year-old kid.  The acting is about what you’d expect from a B-movie but the dialog is bad even by those lofty standards.  We even get some fart jokes and bad hillbilly cliches thrown in for good measure.  The story is utter nonsense, as we’re handed the beast’s ridiculous weakness, only to have that not really kill it anyhow – like most of the plot points and story, it gets changed or forgotten at some point in the exercise.  Even the ending, which is utterly predictable, is botched.

There are different types of monster movie out there; there are the truly scary ones, the classics and the ones that are just plain, silly fun.  Most of the good monster movies, though, have one thing in common: they aren’t this movie.

Stars: 1.5/5


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