Something Beneath

Something Beneath

Something Beneath (2007)

Greedy land developers unleash a deadly slime while building their new conference center.  Now, it’s up to an environmental activist priest, the hotel staff and a possibly deranged biologist to stop the threat.

Undeterred by a mysterious death at the construction site, a greedy land developer (is there any other kind in movies?) pushes ahead with the construction of his multimillion dollar hotel/conference center.  When the hotel hosts its first conference, the guests start dying mysteriously.  A massive creature living below the structure has infiltrated the building and their minds with a black ooze that brings their worst fears to life.  Father Middleton (Kevin Sorbo) joins with the conference coordinator to track down the menace, enlisting the aid of the biologist who has been studying the creature since the builders broke ground.  It’s up to them to stop this ancient threat before it consumes the entire mountainside.

This is a movie about a hotel being attacked by a killer slime monster – if you’re looking for high art,  look elsewhere.   The characters are cartoonishly one-dimensional, the dialog is pedestrian and the acting is…well…the sort of acting you’d expect when Sam Raimi’s “Hercules” is the biggest name in the cast.  That said, it’s strangely entertaining in a guilty pleasure sort of way.  It’s just cheesy enough without becoming overtly stupid.  The weak ending, admittedly, would seem to fly in the face of that – it IS overtly stupid; so stupid, in fact, that they couldn’t even commit to it and sort of half-ass their way into that staple of all B-movies: setting up the sequel (or at least hinting that it’s not over).

If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi Channel caliber horror films, this is one you can watch safe in the knowledge that you’ve probably seen far worse.

Stars: 3/5



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