Rise of the Dead

Rise of the Dead (2007)

Rise of the Dead (2007)

The undead are after Laura and it’s up to her to find out why, before everyone around her is dead.

Seemingly normal people have started going on murderous rampages, one killer at a time.  Laura seems to be at the center of it but nobody knows why.  Eventually, she’s forced to come to grips with her past and make right a decision she has been trying for years to put behind her.

This movie fancies itself a zombie flick, but one thing it absolutely is NOT is a zombie flick.  For one, there aren’t zombies.  Another thing that it absolutely is not is a good movie.  This is a bad ghost story, if anything.  People are being possessed by the spirit of Laura’s dead son, who she gave up for adoption.  That’s not much of a spoiler because we find out fairly early and most viewers will have figured that out long before anyone in the movie figures it out and tells the slower audience members.

Very little of this film makes much sense.  The possessions are random, as are the victims.  Arguably, the fact that the antagonist is a child may account for the capricious nature of the vengeful spirit, but I think that’s giving thee writer too much credit.  One thing the makers of this film were sure of was that they wanted you to know they bought a new camera – crazy camera angles and effects are all over the place, but not well done.  Possessed zombie killer?  Make them shaky and blurry!  Ooh, and get some extremely tight close-ups of them drooling, so people know they’re getting taken over!  That should cover the fact that the spirit can seemingly hop from body to body, except when it can’t for dramatic reasons so someone needs to die before it can move on to the next victim..we wouldn’t want any of these random people to survive just because it moved the story along when we can kill them off, would we?

Buried somewhere in here is an interesting story.  There were times, as well, when it seemed there was a moral to the story – although it tended to change along the way.  Sadly, it’s hard to imagine it being handled any more ineptly than it is here, with the acting, direction, pacing and screenplay all conspiring to take an intriguing idea and beat it to a bloody death.

Stars: 2/5


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