Not Quite Hollywood (Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!)

Not Quite Hollywood

Not Quite Hollywood (2008)

“Not Quite Hollywood” is not quite your average film industry documentary.  Raunchy and raw, this is the story of the “Ozploitation” film movement in Australia.  If you thought “Mad Max” was edgy and raw, you don’t know your Aussie flicks.

Beginning with the sex romps of the late 1960s, the film follows the growth of the Australian film industry through the new wave movement of the 70s to the action films of the 80s and finally the horror films of the early part of the 21st century.  There’s a little something for everyone, which is exactly the point.   From its salacious roots, we see the evolution of the Australian film industry into its more artistic (and largely failed) endeavors of the late 70s, before a return to the cheaper fare from which the Australian government wanted to depart – only to realize that was what the people wanted.

The film is choc full of interviews with Australian film makers and critics as well as international names who made forays into Aussie films (Stacy Keach, Jamie Lee Curtis) or helped revive the old grindhouse/exploitation films decades later (Quentin Tarantino).  The behind the scenes horror stories from the likes of George Lazenby, Dennis Hopper and Steve Railsback help flesh out the stories of a movement that at times had seemingly no idea how to get where they wanted to go, but made sure that audiences got to enjoy the ride nonetheless.

A must see for any fan of exploitation films and definitely worth a view for any film buff, be warned – this is not your parents’ documentary, it’s crass and crude and not necessarily an educational film.  But definitely some of the most fun you’re likely to have being educated.

Stars: 4/5


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