Chronicle (2012)

Power corrupts, maybe you’ve heard the story before.  “Chronicle” is the story of three teens who stumble upon superhuman powers and the toll it takes on all of them.

At its core, there isn’t anything particularly novel with the story.  What sets this movie apart is the intelligence and care given to telling the tale.

Teens have their own issues and each of the three in this movie bring their own baggage.  This film does a great job of molding each one’s reaction to his newfound powers to the person he was.  No “good kid corrupted by power into a megalomaniac” cliche here.  At the heart of this film is the idea that good people can still be good even when given power – it’s just harder.

That’s not to say the film shies away from the dark reality that not everyone will react that way.  A troubled youth is still a troubled youth and giving him untold powers is no way to fix the problem.  Through it all, though, there’s a certain sincerity in the telling of the tale that makes it stand out.

This isn’t the action flick you might think, nor is it the sci-fi fest it may purport to be – this is what happens when a writer and film maker use the idea of “super powers” as a storytelling device with which to explore their characters instead of just as a plot.

Stars: 4/5



2 thoughts on “Chronicle

  1. Good review Larry. Not only was it a fresh-take on the whole found-footage angle, but it was also a nice character-study with three, believable teenagers that we could actually care about.

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