Masters of Horror: Family

Masters of Horror: Family by John Landis

Masters of Horror: Family (2007)

This John Landis directed installment of the “Master of Horror” series features seemingly mild-mannered bachelor Harold (George Wendt) welcoming the new neighbors to the neighborhood.  Harold, though, has secrets.

When the Fullers move into their new home, they have no idea that their unassuming neighbor is, in fact, a serial killer.  In fact, the three bond and become friends of a sort.  But when he sets his sights on young Celia Fuller, things turn dark.  When her husband David goes missing, could Harold be to blame?

This is a perfectly crafted story, full of Landis-esque quirkiness while still retaining its dark tone – walking the thin line between quirky horror and dark comedy.  The score, direction and pacing are all spot on and Wendt is surprisingly good as the creepy guy next door, calling to mind Robin Williams in “One Hour Photo”.  Even better, the twist at the end comes straight out of nowhere, leaving your head spinning.

The “Masters of Horror” series certainly had some mises along with its hits.  This particular installment, however, certifies that Landis deserves the title.

Stars: 4/5



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