Cold Prey (Fritt Vilt)

Cold Prey

Cold Prey (2006)

After one of their group breaks his leg, a group of snowboarders are forced to take shelter in an old ski lodge, which has been abandoned for years following the disappearance of a young boy.  Or has it?

There have been a lot of inventive and fresh new horror films coming out of Norway over the past few years (“Dead Snow”  and “Troll Hunter” come to mind).  This is not one of those films.  This is a cookiecutter slasher flick in which a group of 20-somethings find themselves trapped in the wilderness with a deranged killer.  There really is nothing new here.

That said, it’s surprisingly well done for what it is.  The pacing is good, the characters are interesting and the cinematography does an incredible job of capturing the isolation and loneliness of the setting.  The lodge is sufficiently creepy without any over the top dread, so you never find yourself questioning, for example, why anybody would seek shelter there.  Things move along at just the right pace to keep you on the edge of your seat without questioning the sanity of the characters.  Even as the characters begin to disappear, each one’s disappearance is plausible enough that the story can move along without raising anyone’s suspicions until it’s too late.

Overall, this is a solid film for any slasher fan.  The blood and body count are even low enough that horror fans who don’t enjoy traditional slashers can appreciate this one.  It’s predictable except for maybe one final twist and the ending could have been done differently, but from a genre in which “cheap” and “independent” so often mean “bad”, this one stands out enough to make it worth watching.

Stars: 3.5/5



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