You’re Next

You're Next

You’re Next (2011)

Erin didn’t know what to expect when she joined her new boyfriend at a weekend getaway to honor his parents’ anniversary.  Certainly, she wasn’t expecting a brutal home invasion that would leave them fighting for their lives against masked assailants.

Erin joins her boyfriend in going to his parents’ country home for the weekend for an anniversary party.  Once there, the family falls into the usual squabbling and pretty bickering, until a group of masked invaders arrive on the scene and start picking them off.  The family is forced to set aside their arguments in the face of the brutal attackers who seem set on annihilating them all.

This is a hard movie to qualify.  The home invasion angle has been done much better in films like “The Strangers” and more intelligently in films like “High Tension”.   Even the fighting back feels a bit forced because that has also been done better in films like “The Final Terror”.  Besides, by the time anyone fights back, most are dead and there’s very little suspense to it.  Worse, the film seems to want to be campy, with several tongue in cheek moments which border on black comedy – but the film itself is far too heavy to reasonably be viewed that way; it takes itself too seriously, so the “lighter” moments, which work well in campy slashers, feel completely out of place here. This culminates with the final shot, which is downright silly.

The film is not a complete loss, however.  There’s an obvious twist, but the film doubles down and makes it a bit more palatable and a bit tougher to see coming.  The setup is actually quite good – this is the rare film that falls flat more so once the action starts – and there are a few legitimately suspenseful moments.  But, regardless of what you’re looking for, it has been done better somewhere else.  This movie isn’t wholly un-entertaining, but it’s forgettable, the sort of movie that you watch and just say “next”.

Stars: 2.5/5


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