It Follows

It Follows

It Follows (2015)

After a casual sexual encounter, young Jay finds herself stalked by an evil force that will not stop following her, stalking her, seeking her out.

Jay (Maika Monroe) has casual sex with a guy she had being seeing for awhile and things go from bad to worse.  After being drugged, she awakens and is told that she has now been, in effect, cursed.  The same evil force which has been stalking him now has its sights set on her and will continue to come after her unless she can pass it on to someone else.  She’ll need to warn them as well, because if it should kill them it will come back to her – always following, always working its way back through the line of victims.  Her friends are forced to accept her tale once the evil entity appears on the scene and together they try to keep her alive long enough to find a way to stop it.

On its surface, this is a cautionary tale about what is in effect a killer STD.  While that may sound a bit juvenile, it’s one of the film’s biggest shortcomings: it’s too easy to dismiss it as a bad afterschool special about premarital sex and that really does take away from the tension of the story.

That said, the acting is good for the most part.  The pacing is good for what it is – it moves at a slow, plodding pace but that works effectively in crafting a tense atmosphere with few real scares to otherwise keep things moving.  The two stars of this film are the tense atmosphere, dripping with a sense of looming dread, and the score – which is so effective in its understated simplicity that it becomes a character in its own right in the story.

This film could almost be classified as suspense because calling it “horror” is a bit of a stretch.  If you’re looking for a truly scary tale, keep looking.  If you’re looking for something taut with suspense, dread, and a slow march toward the unknown, this is definitely worth checking out.


Stars: 3/5



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