Willow Creek

Willow Creek movie

Willow Creek (2014)

A wannabe film maker and his girlfriend head to “Bigfoot Central” to track down the mysterious creature.  But the locals don’t like nosy outsiders and soon our heroes discover they aren’t the ones doing the stalking.

Jim drags his girlfriend along to capture some exclusive Bigfoot footage, returning to the site of the legendary Patterson-Gimlin film, near the tourist trap of Willow Creek – home of the Bigfoot festival.  They soon learn that some of the locals don’t like outsiders poking around in the woods, but decide to sneak their way into the site of the legendary footage.  At night, they learn that they aren’t the ones doing the hunting: they are either the victims of practical jokes by the local community…or they are prey.  Terrorized through the night, they try frantically to escape the woods before nightfall the next day, but something is after them.

It’s getting harder and harder to make a found footage film that is both believable and compelling.  This is largely another failure, at least on the second point.  Like any found footage film in the woods, this movie is going to be compared to “Blair Witch Project”.  The setup is largely the same, with the couple interviewing the locals and getting their stories before heading into the woods on their own – so the whole thing becomes more and more a “Blair Witch” knock-off as it drags on.  The movie also drags through the first two acts with nothing compelling happening: two people filming each other, filming local people telling Bigfoot stories, filming themselves driving, eating, and walking in the woods.  Even when the action does begin, it is horribly paced.  The scariest sequence in the film is beaten into submission by several minutes of the two of them literally sitting silently in their tent, trying not to move or make a sound.  Finally, like “Blair Witch”, we have a mad dash to a conclusion which doesn’t deliver as well in the end.

The movie has some decent moments, but they are far too few and most of them are shoe-horned into the end of the film.  It has all the warts of most found footage films and ultimately fails to deliver the powerful ending that saves so many of them.


Stars: 2.5/5



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