John Dies At The End

John Dies at the End

John Dies at the End (2012)

A new street drug promises to transport users to other dimensions.   But the fate of the world – indeed, our reality – may hang in the balance of this acid trip.

There is a threat unbeknownst to most of us which David Wong wants to warn everyone about and he wants Arnie to tell his story.  But first, he must convince Arnie that his story is true. David and his friend John are no strangers to dealing with the supernatural, but when they come across a new drug called “Soy Sauce”, things get weird even by their standards.  On the run from the police, inter-dimensional travelers, wannabe gangsters and a Jamaican drug dealer, David kidnaps some friends to use as backup, joining forces with his dead friend, an amputee and her dog, and a TV infomercial psychic to travel to another dimension and save our world from a giant, sentient computer.  Even if he lives to tell the tale, the only person who might believe him may already be dead.

In the vein of all cult films, this is a film you will either love or hate.  The story is as non-linear as John and David’s perceptions of time and space after trying “Soy Sauce”.  The story follows its own internal logic, though, and is surprisingly well told considering the bizarre premise and unconventional progression of the story.  The acting is a bit off kilter but it somehow works in portraying the slacker characters who are driving the story and their crazed idiosyncrasies.  The conclusion is a bit unsatisfying until one final twist at the end drives home the point that things are not always as they appear.

Not the easiest film to grasp, it is still difficult to deny its charm or entertainment.  Grab a beer or your mind-altering drug of choice and prepare yourself for a deranged mix of comedy, science fiction and horror.  I’ll try not to give away the ending.


Stars: 3.5/5



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