The Machine Girl

Machine Girl

Machine Girl (2008)

When her brother is killed by schoolyard bullies, a Japanese schoolgirl seeks revenge.  When she loses her arm to the Yakuza, she gets it replaced with a machine gun so she can finish her vengeful plans.

That’s the plot, I’m not making it up.  I’m not making up how it plays out either.  Bullies at school throw two young boys (Yu and Takeshi) off a roof – because that’s what schoolyard bullies do.  So Yu’s sister, Ami, goes on a murderous spree to avenge his death.  One of the bullies, though, is the son of a Yakuza crime lord.  When Ami loses her arm to the crime lord and his thugs, she escapes and flees to Takeshi’s family…mechanics, who replace her arm with a machine gun.  She and Takeshi’s mother (armed with a chainsaw) then go after the Yakuza.  In  the final showdown, the parents of the other bullies who Ami killed in her quest for revenge band together with the Yakuza to become vengeful hellbeasts, themselves.  The carnage piles up to a final, bloody showdown.

Everything about this film is as crazy as it sounds.  An already somewhat insane revenge story then adds in machine gun prosthetics, because karate ninja revenge stories are so cliche.  The gore is completely off the charts, but if that’s the sort of thing that’s likely to bother you, you should know better than to attempt to watch a karate/machine gun revenge film from Japan.

Is it good, though?  Is it bad?  It’s karate, schoolgirls, machine guns, vengeance demons and copious amounts of gore.  It makes very little sense, but it’s certainly not boring.  It’s entertaining, but if this is the sort thing you normally seek out for entertainment, that’s a whole different set of problems.  I saw another review of this film which said that it is “Kill Bill” meets “Evil Dead 2” meets “Bad Taste”.  I can’t put it much better than that and if you appreciate all of those references then this is the girl for you.


Stars: 3.5/5



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